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Having no value; worthless.

val′ue·less·ness n.
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Noun1.valuelessness - having none of the properties that endow something with value
worthlessness, ineptitude - having no qualities that would render it valuable or useful; "the drill sergeant's intent was to convince all the recruits of their worthlessness"
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I had become a disciple of Lys' fleeting philosophy of the valuelessness of human life.
Valuelessness is directly proportional to directionlessness!
at 148 ("[Performance art is vulnerable to charges of valuelessness and emptiness.").
Justice Souter expressed the strongest disapproval about the finding of valuelessness. He neither concurred nor dissented from the Court's judgment, but wrote separately because "[a]fter briefing and argument it is abundantly clear that an unreviewable assumption on which this case comes to us is both questionable as a conclusion of Fifth Amendment law and sufficient to frustrate the Court's ability to render certain the legal premises on which its holding rests." Id.
(82) The injunctive relief was one of many problems with the settlement, but the Court of Appeals took pains to describe its valuelessness. (83) First, the court highlighted the limited time frame of the relief.
And what about that purse, and its supposed valuelessness? Even as a modern, commercialized understanding of money began to take shape, a traditional understanding of coins' value as tied to their metal content remained firmly in place.
According to Conger and Kanungo[16] "autocratic management styles lead to dependence, denial of ideas and beliefs, valuelessness of aims, and inability of employees".
The only way in which she could struggle against this problematic identification was by following Freud's advice--that of hating the introjected object into valuelessness and then abandoning it.
This is what makes for the duhkha in life, resulting in dissatisfaction embedded in valuelessness. The value judgments that would otherwise have come from questioning life or existence "seriously" are annulled deterministically.
is often actually to court suicide, since it merely confirms the perceptions of an intrinsic valuelessness in the sufferer.
The pair of split-protagonists, then, comprise projections of our own postmodern directionlessness and confused amorality; only the confrontation between Dobel's crazed pessimism and Falk's desperate naivete could result in one of them leaving the place where Falk "likes to walk the city streets to clear his head" to head out for someplace far more emblematic of postmodern dislocation, valuelessness, and cultural incoherence.
If there is anything that can be called "redeeming," or perhaps "cheerful," about the situation of modern decadence, it is that it reveals ever more clearly the valuelessness of modern values, but with the result that the primacy of the will gives way, finally, to the primacy of chaos.