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The methods of law (Hodge and Gostin) clarify cases, establish precedents, and set legislation to instruct, debate, and reform, thereby newly to inform studies of values clarification. The historian's craft (Amundsen) reminds us of the multiple contexts recognized by the humanities that influence health, medical practices, and research that would expose the possibly oppressive or artificial effects of these contexts.
The first group received an information-only intervention (I) focusing on STD/ HIV prevention information, values clarification, and birth control.
For the past two decades recreational therapists have incorporated values clarification activities into leisure education programs.
In general, competing programs of moral education appeal to four basic methods for theoretical justification: behaviorism, values clarification, the cognitive-developmental approach, and character education.
Though there is disagreement on whether values clarification precedes role realignment or vice-versa (Beer, Eisenstat, & Spector, 1990) there is consensus in varied literature bases that mission and values are crucial (Corrigan, 1995; Drucker, 1992; Hamel, 1996; Rogan, 1993).
A method for discovering our own values is called values clarification, devised by Louis Raths.
The Report, in addition, lends itself beautifully to sixth grade "values clarification" discussions.
If this were not so, schools across the country would not have initiated and continued a battery of in-service and credit programs under such banners as "human relations education," "interpersonal relations," and "values clarification."
By turn, the "values analysis" program forwarded by the Association of Values Research (AVER), the "moral development approach" of Lawrence Kohlberg, and the "values clarification" techniques associated with Louis Raths, Sidney Simon, Merril Harmin, and Howard Kirschenbaum are dissected with a keen eye to uncovering not only their metaphysical underpinnings (Kant, Hegel, and Nietzsche, respectively) but also the darker "flip sides" of these putatively progressive programs.
One form letter that surfaced in Utah lists 111 taboo subjects including: "Values Clarification," "Creative Problem Solving," "Self-Evaluation," "Moral Education," "Open-ended Discussion," "Astrology," "Drug Education," and "Group Dynamics."