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1. Having valvelike parts.
2. Botany
a. Meeting at the edges without overlapping, as some petals do.
b. Opening by valves, as the capsule of a lily or iris.


1. (Mechanical Engineering) furnished with a valve or valves
2. (Mechanical Engineering) functioning as or resembling a valve
3. (Botany) botany
a. having or taking place by means of valves: valvate dehiscence.
b. (of petals or sepals in the bud) having the margins touching but not overlapping


(ˈvæl veɪt)

1. furnished with or functioning by a valve or valves.
2. serving as or resembling a valve.
3. Bot.
a. opening by valves, as certain capsules and anthers.
b. meeting without overlapping, as the parts of certain buds.
c. composed of or characterized by such parts.
[1820–30; < New Latin, Latin]
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Corolla pentamerous, gamopetalous and caducous, with valvate aestivation, presumably rotate and reflexed.
exhibits stellate hairs and palmately veined leaves with inflorescence structures consisting of bicolor units, valvate sepals, mucilage cavities within cortex & pith and cyclopropanoid oil seed [10,11,35].
7 mm long; sepals broadly ovate, imbricate, 2 mm long, much shorter than petals and then enclosed in the flower pit; petals very thick, connate for /3 of their length, valvate distally, ca.
Staminate flower symmetrical, trimerous, from barely to widely open at anthesis; sepals 3 short, [+ or -]triangular, sometimes basally connate; petals 3, much exceeding the sepals, valvate, boat-shaped, straight or reflexed, basally connate; stamens 3-12, anthers small, [+ or -]oval-linear, versatile, latrorse; pistillode present, minute, trifid, or absent.
5 cm long; ovulate cones fleshy or with 2 woody, valvate scales 2.
Tenders are invited for Sofa Set 5 Seater 3 1 1 Made Of Teak Wood Cushioned Having Deacity 32 Units With Good Quality Valvate Clothes Along With Centre Table 4 X2 X1.
Despite their prior placement in Apiaceae subfamily Hydrocotyloideae, the affinity of these genera to Araliaceae has been noted as far back as Seemann (1863), who concluded that the valvate petal aestivation of Hydrocotyle warranted its transfer to Araliaceae.
Staminate flowers symmetrical, trimerous, not widely open at anthesis, sepals 3 short, imbricate, free, petals 3, valvate, stamens 6, slightly exceeding petals at anthesis, anthers small, dorsifixed, oval-linear with sagittate base, pistillode reduced.
Tenders are invited for Sofa Set Made By Shisham Wood 3 1 1 Five Seater Having 32 Dencity Cushioned And Good Quality Valvate.
Similarities between flowers of Adenanthemum Conwentz and Itea include that the flowers are hermaphroditic, pedicellate, have a pentamerous and actinomorphic perianth with distinct whorls of sepals and petals, a valvate corolla, a haplostemonous androecium with antesepalous stamens, dorsifixed anthers with introrse dehiscence, a superior ovary (ovary position is variable in Itea), two fused styles, and a single, capitate stigma (Conwentz, 1886; Kubitzki, 2007a).