valvular incompetence

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Noun1.valvular incompetence - inability of a bodily valve to close completelyvalvular incompetence - inability of a bodily valve to close completely
incompetence - inability of a part or organ to function properly
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Transthoracic and transesophageal echocardiography demonstrated minimal presence of fluid in the pericardial cavity, dilated ascending and aortic root (approximately 7 cm), advanced aortic valvular incompetence, and signs suspicious for intimal flap in the ascending aorta.
Major surgery may be necessary for aortic or valvular incompetence, and there is a significant risk of potentially lethal dissection of the aorta in adulthood.
Doppler and duplex scans showed valvular incompetence and varicosities of bilateral lower extremity deep veins with absence of thrombosis.