valvular incompetence

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Noun1.valvular incompetence - inability of a bodily valve to close completelyvalvular incompetence - inability of a bodily valve to close completely
incompetence - inability of a part or organ to function properly
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For each patient, intracardiac anatomy was studied using the standard 2D echocardiographic views, intracardiac dimensions, and valve motion was studied using standard M-mode technique, while valvular incompetence and cardiac shunts were qualitatively and quantitatively assessed using color flow and PW and CW Doppler techniques.[12] Some real-timed images were also taken.
Varicose Veins occur as a result of the fibrotic changes due to the chronic inflammatory changes in the vessel wall which may lead to valvular incompetence. (7)
The nasal valve contributes as much as 80% of total nasal airway resistance, and even minor constriction of this area results in a clinically significant impairment of nasal breathing for the patient.4 Nasal valvular incompetence may equal or even exceed septal deviation as the prime cause of nasal airway obstruction.