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1. In popular folklore, an undead being in human form that survives by sucking the blood of living people, especially at night.
2. A person, such as an extortionist, who takes advantage of others, especially for personal gain.
3. A vampire bat.

[French, from German Vampir, of Slavic origin.]

vam·pir′ic (văm-pĭr′ĭk), vam·pir′i·cal (-ĭ-kəl), vam′pir′ish (-ĭsh) adj.


adjvampiristisch; figurevampirähnlich
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Showing a hint of his interest in horror in 2013 with the sensual, vampiric Only Lovers Left Alive, he's now flipped the script again with his very own 'zomcom' - The Dead Don't Die.
"NOS4A2" (think "Nosferatu" on a license plate) stars nerd icon Zachary Quinto ("Star Trek," "Heroes") as Charlie Manx, the vampiric villain of the 2013 novel upon which the new series is based.
And can the amount of lard in Christmas pudding save an entire vampiric species?
He said: "I've really tried to capture the essence of the characters - the warmth and love of the Darling family, the way that Tinker Bell is quite manipulative and I have made Hook a slightly rakish and vampiric character.
According to "Days" spoilers, "things in town take a strange turn on Halloween" and "familiar faces return." A preview clip for the week's episodes (see above) showed the reemergence of Hope's (Kristian Alfonso) alter ego, Princess Gina, a dead Kristen, a baby Andre and a vampiric Vivian (Louise Sorel).
The bizarre, vampiric insect, which had been feeding on the man's blood, can be seen clearly lodged deep inside his nostril.
Perhaps even more alarming is how Paresh affects Eric--her very essence both tames the vampiric beast within his heart ...
Unlike Richter, Alucard has a host of vampiric powers at his disposal which include shapeshifting.
Vampire stories and folklores emanate from discursive areas; however, it is rather certain that the repulsive but attractive vampiric monster images in the present popular culture are primarily derived from Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire.
To honor the Lost Boys coven, guests are encouraged to bring their finest vampiric attire from history before the Midnight Cirque entered around a live performance G Tom Mac., writer and singer of the famous vampire song Cry Little Sister.
Yup, the highlighter-purple shade that has also been the name of a Warhol superstar who died in 2014; a 2006 dystopian action film starring Milla Jovovich as a rebel infected with a vampiric virus; an online activist community founded in 2012 to combat sexism and violence toward women; and a kind of light that can cause skin cancer (ahem).
Others look at Prometheus and Event Horizon in terms of Georges BatailleAEs concept of nonknowledge, time in space horror films, the theme of isolation, and identity in Moon; the human body and its relationship to non-human worlds in Alien, Alien 3, and Leviathan, as well as the irrational robot archetype in 2001: A Space Odyssey, Alien, and Aliens; space horror from demonic and paranormal perspectives, in The Dark Side of the Moon, Hellraiser, Bloodline, and Event Horizon, as well as the vampiric nature of planets and black holes in Planet of the Vampires, Solaris, Interstellar, and Event Horizon; and postmodern and post-human philosophies in Alien Resurrection, atavism in Alien rip-off films, and Leprechaun 4 and Jason X.