vanadic acid

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va·na·dic acid

 (və-nā′dĭk, -năd′ĭk)
An acid containing a vanadate group, especially HVO3, H3VO4, or H4V2O7, not existing in a pure state, but often used in its anhydride form, vanadium pentoxide.

vanadic acid

(Elements & Compounds) any one of various oxyacids of vanadium, such as H3VO4 (orthovanadic acid), HVO4 (metavanadic acid), and H4V2O7 (pyrovanadic acid), known chiefly in the form of their vanadate salts

vanad′ic ac′id

any of certain acids containing vanadium, esp. one having the formula H3VO4.
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Noun1.vanadic acid - any of various oxyacids of vanadium; known mostly in the form of its salts
oxyacid, oxygen acid - any acid that contains oxygen
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One of the other options is to determine bilirubin via biliverdin after oxidation by vanadic acid.