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 (və-nŭs′pə-tē, -näs′-)
Any of various hydrogenated vegetable oils, such as palm oil or cottonseed oil, having a semisolid or granular consistency, used especially in South Asian cooking.

[Hindi, short for vanaspati ghī, vegetable ghee : vanaspati, vegetation, the vegetable kingdom (from Sanskrit vanaspatiḥ, tree (literally, "lord of the wood") : vanas, probably genitive singular of van-, tree, wood; akin to Avestan vanā-, tree + patiḥ, lord; see poti- in Indo-European roots) + ghī, ghee.]


(Cookery) a hydrogenated vegetable fat commonly used in India as a substitute for butter
[C20: the Sanskrit name of a forest plant, from vana forest + pati lord]
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Tenders are invited for Labour Contract Loading/Unloading of Vanaspati and other Markfed Products
Traders said persistent rise in select edible oil prices to increased offtake by vanaspati units and strong demand from retailers.
However, instead of improving the quality of products, the Pakistan Vanaspati Manufacturers Association (PVMA), which represents edible oil and ghee manufacturers, went on a strike across the country, halting production of their units and suspending supply countrywide against the raids and 'defamation' propaganda of the Punjab Food Authority.
In last four years, between FY10 and FY14, the SECP registered 246 food and beverages companies, 40 vanaspati or vanaspati related companies and 17 sugar and ancillary firms.
Prices of groundnut oil, mustard oil and vanaspati remained steady at all the centers while decreased at some centers.
Vanaspati ghee and margarine have high contents of TFA.
The wholesale oils and oilseeds market ended on a bearish note in the past week as edible oils drifted owing to sluggish demand from vanaspati millers and retailers amid a weak global trend.
Vanaspati are manufactured by hydrogenation of vegetable oils, during which a reduction in the unsaturation of oils and an increase in the isomerization at the double bonds take place.
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 10, 2012-Cargill to buy Wiproa[euro](tm)s Sunflower Vanaspati brand(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
The deal will enhance the buyera[euro](tm)s portfolio of edible oil and vanaspati brands and widen its presence in India.
CRISIL believes that GISL will maintain its stable business risk profile over the medium term, supported by its healthy position of its brands Angan and Swamy in the vanaspati market in Punjab and Himachal Pradesh.
EXPERTS have advised Indians to go easy on vanaspati oil and salt to prevent lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, obesity and heart attacks.