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1. The foremost position in an army or fleet advancing into battle.
a. The foremost or leading position in a trend or movement.
b. Those occupying a foremost position.

[Middle English vandgard, from avaunt garde, from Old French : avaunt, before (from Latin abante; see advance) + garde, guard (from garder, to guard; see guard).]

van′guard·ism n.
van′guard·ist n.


the actions or beliefs of those who lead a certain movement or field


the actions or thoughts of members of a vanguard, those at the forefront of a movement, fad, etc. — vanguardist, n.
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Harvard Law School's Roberto Unger has argued that overcoming the challenges of knowledge-based development will demand "inclusive vanguardism.
The Marxists, for example, called it vanguardism, while others termed it intelligentsia; a term that was looked into by Italian theorist Antonio Gramsci.
In 2010, author of Barack Obama and 21st Century Politics: A Revolutionary Moment in the USA (Pluto Press) which outlines how significant the movement behind Obama was for the politics of the United States and examines the networks that made the electoral victory possible and discusses the importance of self-organization and self-emancipation in politics as it develops a theory of politics that starts with the humanist principles of Ubuntu, healing and reparations for the 21st century to argue that key ideas like quantum politics and a 'network of networks' move away from old forms of vanguardism during a period in history that can be characterized as a revolutionary moment.
There is continuity in the state ideology and Ghana, although a strong pan-African advocate within ECOWAS and the AU, has largely abandoned the revolutionary pan-African vanguardism of the Nkrumah years, which it had neither the resources nor the hegemonic potential to be able to carry through.
23) This reduction is inseparable from the politically damaging construction of 'Leninism' as a model of insurrectionary vanguardism impatient with allegedly secondary matters of culture and civil society.
At a moment when long-held distinctions between Left and Right, populism and vanguardism, extremism and consensus, reality and reality television, have been precipitously and unceremoniously upended, we invited a select group of artists to create projects specially for Artforum.
Leninist vanguardism (in all its perplexing and antagonistic variations), anarchist municipalism, and social democratic "third wayism" are all now markers of the Left's past and not its future.
LAdC: I haven't distanced myself one inch from historical vanguardism, because it's a period and a literature that has always fascinated me.
The hard left's difficulties in developing a plausible electoral strategy and policy programme is ultimately rooted in its vanguardism.
Vanguardism lasted until the early 1990s and these years are sometimes referred to those of 'roll-back' neoliberalism--rolling back the welfare state and the power of the trade union movement.
What this means is that we cannot take into account a wide range of issues on which they differ, such as capitalism and states, not to mention the very meaning of 'freedom' and 'anti-statism', not to mention even more complicated issues, of theory (for example, around social structure), of strategy (for example, over vanguardism and one-party rule) and tactics (even issues as key as how anarchists should act).
The argument put by Brian Meeks in Caribbean Revolutions and Revolutionary Theory that there was the need for both vanguardism and democracy has to be taken more seriously.