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intr.v. van·ished, van·ish·ing, van·ish·es
a. To pass out of sight, especially quickly; disappear. See Synonyms at disappear.
b. To pass out of existence: when the dinosaurs vanished from the earth.
2. Mathematics To become zero. Used of a function or variable.

[Middle English vanisshen, alteration of Old French esvanir, esvaniss-, from Vulgar Latin *exvanīre, alteration of Latin ēvānēscere : ē-, ex-, ex- + vānēscere, to vanish (from vānus, empty; see euə- in Indo-European roots).]

van′ish·er n.
van′ish·ing·ly adv.
van′ish·ment n.


obsolete an act of vanishing
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The act or an example of passing out of sight:
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And the reason of the vanishment may be (if you want a reason), either that the ghost does not like letting a stranger like me into its secrets, or that vanishing is a settled habit of ghosts and of everything associated with them, or that this ghost has changed its mind in the course of three hours (being the ghost of a woman, I am sure that's not wonderful), and doesn't care to see you 'when the full moon shines on Saint Anthony's Well.' There's the ir rational explanation for you.
These fictions aim to present female characters as valid agents in society, despite the silencing and vanishment that history has imposed on them.
Pervasive in their record of vanishment, The Middle Ground's surprising stories are linked by memory and loss.
Continuous growth of the sintering neck leads to diminishment or vanishment of pores between particles and the increase of shrinkages.