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An arrangement by which commuters travel together in a van.
tr. & intr.v. van·pooled, van·pool·ing, van·pools
To transport or be transported in a vanpool.

van′pool′er n.


a group of people who share a van to commute to work
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Tenders are invited for provide new fleet vehicles for its metro rides vanpool fleet.
With this financing, Green Commuter will launch its vanpool, car share and fleet replacement program geared to disrupt traditional commuting in Los Angeles.
The collaboration is aimed at decreasing local traffic congestion and carbon emissions through the newly created Oahu Vanpool Incentive Program.
With timely transit options, as well as carpool matching and vanpool programs, commuters have alternatives that can help alleviate congestion as frustration over traffic grows.
The contract includes the installation of a fleet management solution in more than 450 KART vanpool vehicles operating in more than eight valley counties.
The Transportation Equity Act, or Commuter-Choice Tax Benefits, allows employers to provide tax-free transit, vanpool and parking benefits to employees.
As a Department of Defense employee, he also is eligible to receive vouchers worth about $1,400 a year that cover the cost of his commute in the vanpool, Parrish said.
The NJ Smart Workplaces program designation is earned by companies offering activities that range from providing transit schedules at work, allowing employees to deduct their commuting costs from their paychecks on a pre-tax basis, providing telecommuting and flextime programs, hosting vanpool and carpool meetings and providing on site amenities to reduce employees' travel requirements.
Paul, employers can choose from three discounted bus-pass options or a vanpool choice for their workers.
The VanPool program has received a Federal Highway Administration award for ride sharing, among many other accolades for its service and safety.
PTS noted that a portion of the van lease is subsidized by the Metropolitan Council, with the remainder -- including gas and parking fees -- paid for by the vanpool group.
Program Name: Emerald Coast Transportation Vanpool Program