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An arrangement by which commuters travel together in a van.
tr. & intr.v. van·pooled, van·pool·ing, van·pools
To transport or be transported in a vanpool.

van′pool′er n.


a group of people who share a van to commute to work
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One would-be vanpooler, Dennis Finn of Sturbridge, recently placed an ad in the Telegram & Gazette looking for riders to book a spot in his new van for $35 a day roundtrip.
Vanpoolers and carpoolers are hurriedly parking their cars and hopping into one another's vehicles and peeling away in a brisk choreography of movement designed to waste as little time as possible.
Among other catches are getting along with other people who may or may not like the same radio programs or conversation topics as you, waiting for late arrivals and emergencies that keep some vanpoolers at work after-hours.
'The average commuting cost for vanpoolers is 50 percent less than the cost for commuters who travel alone in their vehicles,' said NMDOT's Transit and Rail Director David Harris.
Vanpoolers also have access to Enterprise's Guaranteed Ride Home program, which ensures they can leave work at unscheduled times worry-free.
With its proprietary technology, Green Commuter leases its fleet of Tesla Model X vehicles to vanpoolers during commuting hours and to car share users or companies for fleet replacement, the rest of the time.
Adding more people allows you to take advantage of economies of scale; the more participants you have, the easier it is to match vanpoolers who live near each other and are heading to the same destination, for example.
The monthly lease costs vanpoolers divide includes the cost of fuel, insurance, scheduled maintenance on the van, tire change over and washes.
'The average commuting cost for vanpoolers is 50% less than the cost for commuters who travel alone in their vehicles.