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An arrangement by which commuters travel together in a van.
tr. & intr.v. van·pooled, van·pool·ing, van·pools
To transport or be transported in a vanpool.

van′pool′er n.


a group of people who share a van to commute to work
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In the Bay Area, most of the Express Lanes are free for carpools, vanpools, buses, motorcycles and other toll-exempt vehicles.
Currently, there are more than 3,000 organized vanpools in the Southern California area consisting mainly of blue collar workers living in disadvantaged communities who commute on average 94 miles roundtrip.
Vanpool program - The Valley Vanpool Regional Vanpool Program supports 34 vanpools, carrying an average of 215 full-time riders each month.
As an added incentive registered carpools of 3+ people, hybrid vehicles and South Florida vanpools enjoy free use of the I-95 express lanes.
to take over the program in October 2005, it had just 24 vanpools.
The state Executive Office of Transportation's MassRIDES program has a dozen vanpools operating in the Worcester area, with eight going from Worcester to Boston, two arriving in Shrewsbury from other regions and one each destined for Auburn and Marlboro.
Vanpools (large-size carpools) can be driven by employees, employers or companies on contract.
According to PTS, vanpools must include at least five passengers who can ride together at least three days per week.
Vanpools draw record number of commuters in Austin, Texas.
RIDES for Bay Area Commuters, a nonprofit organization in San Francisco, reports that the 885 registered vanpools in the Bay Area eliminate 16,600 pounds of pollutants and conserve 23,680 gallons of fuel per day, while saving the average individual an impressive $18 plus 30 minutes of commuting a day (vans roll along in the carpool lane).
Incentives included free and preferred carpool parking, cafeteria discounts, a guaranteed ride home program, cash subsidies to vanpools and transit, and shuttle services.