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 (văng′kwĭsh, văn′-)
tr.v. van·quished, van·quish·ing, van·quish·es
a. To defeat or conquer in battle; subjugate.
b. To defeat in a contest, conflict, or competition. See Synonyms at defeat.
2. To overcome or subdue (an emotion, for example); suppress: "She had had to wrench herself forcibly away from Katharine, and every step vanquished her desire" (Virginia Woolf).

[Middle English vaynquisshen, from Old French vainquir, vainquiss-, from Latin vincere; see weik- in Indo-European roots.]

van′quish·a·ble adj.
van′quish·er n.
van′quish·ment n.
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The act of defeating or the condition of being defeated:
Slang: dusting, licking.
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What goes around came back around in painful fashion during Utah's 62-20 vanquishment of the Ducks at Autzen Stadium.
17) Patterson states the obvious challenge holy war presents to the just war model: holy wars can only end with either victory or vanquishment.
Has the hierarchy taken the trouble of what came of the weapons of foreign-make, including of Indian and American origin, that were recovered in the caches of the fleeing militants after their vanquishment by the Pakistan army in the agencies of South Waziristan, Mohmand, Orakzai and other tribal areas?
Moreover, Sam has in him "not only the blood of slaves but even a little of the very blood which had enslaved it; himself his own battleground, the scene of his own vanquishment and the mausoleum of his own defeat" (160).
From her 14-year-o1d brother are drawings with such evocative titles as Table Apocalypse and The Vanquishment As I thoroughly study Vanquishment for the first time, I begin to understand--very little.