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adj, adv
in or towards the front


(ˈvæn wərd)

adj., adv.
in the vanguard.
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Bosch will transfer manufacturing lines for electric hot water storage tanks, heat pump water heaters as well as solar thermal collectors from different Bosch sites in China to two existing Vanward facilities in Foshan and Hefei, where they will be used for the joint venture.
A, Bajaj Electricals, Bradford White, Crompton Greaves, ELDOMINVEST, Ferroli, Haier Water Heater, Heat Transfer Products, Hubbell Water Heaters, Noritz, Rinnai, Vanward Electric.
5 in a row akvavit Amman ananke awayness awkward axman banana banyan Boltzmann bonanza Brazzaville brinkmanship Canaan caravan Cayman Chinaman cinnamyl cockamamie Cyanamid didynamy drayman enzymatic flyaway Havana haymaker Hazzan hogmanay holidaymaker hootenanny junkman Kamaaina katakana kayak lawmaker lawman layman linkman Mahayana mamma mammal mammary mammate mammy manakin manmade manna manward Mayan Maynard mazzard nanny navvy nonnaval Panama pavanne paxwax pizzazz Pollyanna razzmatazz Rockaway runaway sannyasi Santayana skyman skywave skyway snazzy stowaway Sunnyvale swanky tanaka Tananarive Tanzania taxman throwaway tokamak towaway tramway trunkway twanky unawakened unmanageable unmanned unmannerliness vanward wakanda walkaway walkaways wayward Wyman zanza
And the dense glittered sound of much carbonation goes out over the beach's heat-wrinkled air, and heads turn vanward as if pulled with strings as his gulp and refreshed, spiranty sounds are broadcast; and the final shot reveals that the sound van is also a concession truck, and the whole beach's pretty population has collapsed to a clamoring mass around the truck, everybody hopping up and down and pleading to be served first, as the camera's view retreats to overhead and the slogan is flatly intoned: "Pepsi: the Choice of a New Generation.
Currently, Guangdong small home appliance Galanz, Fusibo, and Vanward and Beijing YADU also prepare to get listed.
He founded Vanward Technologies in 2001 that was later acquired by JNetDirect in 2005 and renamed Stelligent in 2006.
com), the leader in early testing solutions that eliminate quality guesswork and guarantee defect-resistant code, announced today that Andrew Glover, founder and former CEO of Vanward Technologies, will join the company's management team as President.
Effective today, Vanward Technologies, a subsidiary of JNetDirect announces the company has changed its name to Stelligent Incorporated (http://www.
JNetDirect and its consulting services subsidiary, Vanward Technologies, announced today that they have established Quality Labs (http://www.