vapor lock

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vapor lock

A condition in which a pocket of vaporized gasoline forms in the fuel line of an internal-combustion engine, obstructing the normal flow of fuel.

va′por-lock′ v.

va′por lock`

an obstruction to the flow of fuel to a gasoline engine caused by the formation of bubbles in the fuel.
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Noun1.vapor lock - a stoppage in a pipeline caused by gas bubbles (especially a stoppage that develops in hot weather in an internal-combustion engine when fuel in the gas line boils and forms bubbles that block the flow of gasoline to the carburetor)
blockage, stoppage, occlusion, closure, block, stop - an obstruction in a pipe or tube; "we had to call a plumber to clear out the blockage in the drainpipe"
bouchon de vapeur
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Instead of blending urine from several deer, Special Reserve is collected from a single estrous doe, bottled fresh, and vapor-lock sealed within 24 hours of collection to preserve freshness.
The coffees are packed in unique one-way 'vapor-lock' valve bags that enable customers to squeeze the bags and smell the coffee, yet still maintain the freshness and aroma.
"I think he's going to be a bit vapor-locked for a minute.