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New software that has been announced or marketed but has not been produced.
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(ˈveɪ pərˌwɛər)

a product, esp. computer software, that is announced and promoted while it is still in development and that may never come to market.
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Software that has been promoted for a long period but never becomes available for use.
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1995, 336) However, the Judge's decision was reversed with instructions to accept the decree, which did not address the vaporware issue.
(2.) This is in contrast to the antitrust concerns which birthed the "vaporware" literature; see for instance Bayus et al.
It's not clear whether some private exchanges have progressed much beyond the vaporware stage, but Towers Watson & Company (NYSE:TW) has justified the argument that private exchanges are a thing by adding "Exchange Solutions" information to its quarterly earnings releases.
Still, from the market confusion I'm seeing, I would say that some folks are due for a rude awakening when they discover that the term vaporware doesn't just apply to software.
“With the press filled with the daily 'newest and greatest,' it is refreshing to have companies, like SIM2, that represent a constant in a world of vaporware. We pride ourselves on our limited and exclusive distribution.”
(5) Because there is no copy nor mention of that endorsement or policy provision on the "proposal," no one knows exactly when or how it will be triggered, so for now the $155,000 falls under the heading of "vaporware."
About the only thing that the author forgot to mention is that this revolver is vaporware at the moment.
The first question is mired in legacy issues surrounding past promises of using technology to create a sustainable advantage only to discover that the solution was "vaporware" or a patchwork solution of digital tactics.
Shoutback's Daily Deal software programs are more than the competition's vaporware. Never feel alone trying to nudge your program to life.