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 (və-răk′tər, vă-)
A semiconductor device in which the capacitance is sensitive to the applied voltage at the boundary of the semiconductor material and an insulator.

[var(iable) + (re)act(ance) + -or.]


(Electronics) a semiconductor diode that acts as a voltage-dependent capacitor, being operated with a reverse bias. Compare varistor
[C20: probably a blend of variable reactor]
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Today new mixtures with significantly reduced insertion losses are under optimization and these materials start being competitive with other more conventional technologies (like pin or varactor diodes).
In this paper, we report a simple method to tune a finite HIS using varactor.
In [5-9], tunable one stop-band filters are proposed based on varactor loaded split ring resonators, RFMEMS metamaterials and DGS respectively.
According to current trends, RF-MEMS switches [18], PIN diodes [19], and varactor diodes [20] are typically used to tune the operating frequencies of existing reconfigurable antennas.
The HMC588LC4B Wideband HBT MMIC VCO incorporates the resonator, negative resistance device and varactor diode.
Different novel intrinsic models are used to represent the Schottky, varactor and PIN diodes included in the NLD library.
A limited number of electronically tunable HISs have been designed using solid-state varactor diodes [4-9].
The performance of the tripler designed in this work is comparable with the ones also designed with varistors, but apparently inferior to the tripler designed by varactor, considering the output frequency of the varactor tripler is about three times that of the varistor triplers.
In [11-14], it is proved that loading varactor diodes to resonant antennas to demonstrate frequency agility has been widely employed.
1) can be the second order curve fitting for the diode characteristics or the MOS varactor characteristics according to the sign of [alpha] and [beta].