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 (vâr′ē-ə, văr′-)
A miscellany, especially of literary works.

[Latin, from neuter pl. of varius, various.]


pl n
(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a collection or miscellany, esp of literary works
[Latin, neuter plural of varius various]


(ˈvɛər i ə)
a miscellany, esp. of literary works.
[1925–30; < New Latin, Latin, neuter pl. of varius various]
References in classic literature ?
Varia looks after things, generally, and loses her temper over it.
The prince remained seated next to her, but Varia moved to the other end of the room; the portrait of Nastasia Philipovna remained lying as before on the work-table.
As for Varia, I don't care--she can do just as she pleases.
I have said already that the moment she comes in I go out, and I shall keep my word," remarked Varia.
Not that Varia was afraid of standing up for herself.
tT The German aristocrat's upbringing in varia influenced his great passion for tive traditions, which we follow today.
The new portfolio is available in four ranges, including NXT Embedded with built-in tint control, NXT Varia for photo-sensor control, NXT Polarized with glare control, and NXT Polarized Valria, which combines all NXT technologies in one lens.
Informate de los precios, ya que segun el peso de cada producto varia.
Al presente, el concepto de desarrollo sustentable ha sido muy estudiado desde diferentes disciplinas y enfoques, sin embargo, pueden identificarse dos caracteristicas en su tratamiento: su definicion esta en constante evolucion y el enfoque de su abordaje varia de acuerdo al contexto de la region donde se estudia.
La proteccion coaxial, varia dependiendo el modelo seleccionado.
If you're worried it's too 'done' a look for you, we'd recommend Lash Perfect Russian Varia Extensions - the individual lashes are multi-length so they look much lighter and fluffier than the original.
In addition, Prodways announced that a significant stake had been taken in Varia 3D, based in Texas, US, financial details of which were not available.