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 (vâr′ē-ə, văr′-)
A miscellany, especially of literary works.

[Latin, from neuter pl. of varius, various.]


pl n
(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a collection or miscellany, esp of literary works
[Latin, neuter plural of varius various]


(ˈvɛər i ə)
a miscellany, esp. of literary works.
[1925–30; < New Latin, Latin, neuter pl. of varius various]
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Varia looks after things, generally, and loses her temper over it.
Varia had quietly entered the room, and was holding out the portrait of Nastasia Philipovna to her mother.
"It's a present from herself to him," said Varia; "the question is to be finally decided this evening."
The prince remained seated next to her, but Varia moved to the other end of the room; the portrait of Nastasia Philipovna remained lying as before on the work-table.
As for Varia, I don't care--she can do just as she pleases.
"I have said already that the moment she comes in I go out, and I shall keep my word," remarked Varia.
Nina Alexandrovna had forgotten that she had "submitted to everything!" She was defending Varia. Ptitsin was taking her part, too.
The Bandari quartet of 12-year-old Deeya Shah, Hazel Kithiki (13), Aashika Varia (12) and Vivian Hillier (13) broke the previous record of 5:31.81 held by Mombasa Aquatics SC since June 2, 2012.The star attraction on the second day was 16-year-old Juhaina Islam Ali of Bandari who won girls 15-16 years 50m backstroke in a time of 35.62, followed by her club mates Justine Nelson and Hiral Shah who timed 36.96 and 41.26 respectively.
Susan is rallying together with Jamie's local pub, Bar Varia, in Braehead, to help raise the funds and says the response so far has been overwhelming.
It's a remake of Shafqat Amanat Ali's Alaa Varia. The song is a modest shift from Sufi tones and has Indi-pop tunes.
The species Frieseomelita sp.n.; Frieseomelita varia Lepeleter; Frieseomelita dispar Moure; Frieseomelita francoi Moure; Frieseomelitta doederleini Friese; and Frieseomelita meadewaldoi Cockerell, were sampled in distnct localites of southeastern and northeastern Brazil (Table 1).
Los investigadores descubrieron que el rango de dolor que perciben los seres humanos varia segun la intencionalidad del golpe o palabra.