variable-pitch propeller

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Noun1.variable-pitch propeller - propeller for which the angle of the blades is adjustablevariable-pitch propeller - propeller for which the angle of the blades is adjustable
propeller, propellor - a mechanical device that rotates to push against air or water
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The fundamental technology for development of the more advanced 200 shp class turbine engine that RASPS will develop over the next 5 years has been demonstrated in UAVT's UTP50R propulsion system, a 50 hp class turbine engine with a recuperator, high-speed gearbox, variable-pitch propeller, and Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC).
The MPCMS is the computer system that operators use to control main and auxiliary machinery to include three gas turbine main propulsion engines, three main propulsion electric motors, six main propulsion diesel generators, three ship service diesel generators and three variable-pitch propeller systems aboard each icebreaker.
will flight-test its variable-pitch propeller system this summer, with the goal of bringing the technology to market this fall.
A DC brush-less motor drives a three-speed variable-pitch propeller. The entire propulsion vehicle has a 20-kg dry weight, and is rated at depths of 70 metres.

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