variable-rate mortgage

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var·i·a·ble-rate mortgage

(vâr′ē-ə-bəl-rāt′, văr′-)
n. Abbr. VRM
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Those on variable-rate mortgage deals are wondering if it's time to fix their rate.
A study of borrowing trends shows that homeowners in the North have a 78% likelihood of holding a variable-rate mortgage, compared with 35% of those in the south.
But less than a quarter of lenders have passed on this the latest rate cut to their variable-rate mortgage customers, Money facts said this week.
Although 86 per cent of people taking out a home loan still opted for a fixed-rate deal during the month, the number opting for a variable-rate mortgage rose from nine per cent in June to 14 per cent, according to Spicerhaart Financial Services.
4 million variable-rate mortgage secured by the additional 12 properties.
The poor property owner, who either has a variable-rate mortgage or variable-rate home improvement loan, finds they are charged more interest and have less equity buildup or payment on the balance of their loan.
Then, if you like what you hear, it should take no more than a month to switch a variable-rate mortgage to a five-year fixed-rate or capped deal.
All lenders offer a standard lettings variable-rate mortgage, only a few base points above the standard rate for owner-occupiers.
If you're on a variable-rate mortgage, with a loan less than 90 per cent of your property's value, and are not subject to penalties for changing, it could pay you to remortgage.
For example, instead of either a fixed- or variable-rate mortgage loan, a mortgage banker may design a combination--a loan with an interest rate that is fixed for anywhere from 3 to 10 years, and is then adjusted annually.
12 million single-family variable-rate mortgage bonds, 2006 series B class I 2037 term bonds 'AAA/F1+';
A variable-rate mortgage is where the rate charged changes, usually in line with the bank base rate.

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