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 (vâr′ē-ə-bəl, văr′-)
a. Likely to change or vary; subject to variation; changeable.
b. Inconstant; fickle.
2. Biology Tending to exhibit genetic variation or variation in a physical trait: geographically variable color patterns.
3. Mathematics Having no fixed quantitative value.
1. Something that varies or is prone to variation.
2. Astronomy A variable star.
3. Mathematics
a. A quantity capable of assuming any of a set of values.
b. A symbol representing such a quantity. For example, in the expression a2 + b2 = c2, a,b, and c are variables.

var′i·a·ble·ness n.
var′i·a·bly adv.
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Adv.1.variably - with variationvariably - with variation; in a variable manner or to a variable degree; "it will be variably cloudy"
بصورَةٍ مُتَغَيِّرَه


(ˈveəri) verb
to make, be or become different. These apples vary in size from small to medium.
ˈvariable adjective
1. that may be varied. The machine works at a variable speed.
2. (of eg winds, weather etc) liable or likely to change. British weather is very variable.
something that varies, eg in quantity, value, effect etc. Have you taken all the variables into account in your calculations?
ˈvariably adverb
ˌvariaˈbilityplural variaˈbilities noun
ˌvariˈation noun
1. the extent to which a thing changes. In the desert there are great variations in temperature.
2. one of a series of musical elaborations made on a basic theme or melody. Brahms' variations on Haydn's `St Anthony's Chorale'.
ˈvaried adjective
He has had a very varied career.
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The Black Sea coast will be variably cloudy with spells of light rain in places in the afternoon, mainly along the south coast.
5 (BNA): The Meteorological Directorate forecasts a cool, humid and variably cloudy weather, but fine during the day.
Variably Protease-Sensitive Prionopathy, a Unique Prion Variant with Inefficient Transmission Properties
Since acquiring Pamlico, the company has increased the property size more than 160%, staking 1,337 additional hectares comprising 160 claims that cover more than 7 kilometer (km) along a northwest striking belt of variably altered and mineralized carbonate sediments.
Naturally, this well-intentioned but very probably misguided effort goes awry, with everyone's personal fault lines exposed to variably seriocomic effect.
Their cut surface has been described as having a spongy, "bubble-wrap" or "Swiss cheese" appearance, imparted by the numerous variably sized cysts.
The examination of samples must be possible under variably adjustable preload static and dynamic test load.
Cooking oils are also variably priced with a cooperative selling its own brand at Dh16 per 2 litres while the price of 2 litres of cooking oil in supermarkets and hypermarkets begins at Dh18.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 3, 2014-Propell Technologies Group retires USD576,000 variably priced convertible notes
The report also added that along the coastal areas of Oman, sea winds will be easterly to northeasterly light to moderate during the day becoming variably light at night and over the rest of the Sultanate winds will be southeasterly light to moderate.
A company spokesman said: "Advance Purchase (AP) tickets are variably priced fares, which change depending on how busy a particular train is.
Historians and religious scholars look at aspects of the Reformation in light of current thinking that it was a chronologically long, geographically broad, and greatly variably phenomenon.