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 (vâr′ē-ĭt, -āt′, văr′-)
n. Statistics
A single observed value of a random variable, considered to be one of many possible realizations.

[From Latin variātus, past participle of variāre, to vary; see vary.]


1. (Statistics) statistics a random variable or a numerical value taken by it
2. a less common word for variant4
[C16: from Latin variāre to vary]

ran′dom var′iable

a statistical quantity that can take any of the values of a specified set in accordance with an associated probability distribution.
Also called variate.
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Noun1.variate - a variable quantity that is randomvariate - a variable quantity that is random  
variable quantity, variable - a quantity that can assume any of a set of values
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These tighs of liefermenge variate swishes 150 and 255 menus.
30 is suggested as a minimum acceptable loading value in interpreting variables of a given canonical variate (Tabachnick & Fidell, 2013).
Differences in the shape of skulls between species are visualized through the Canonical Variate Analysis (CVA).
Generalized Extended Matrix Variate Beta and Gamma Functions and Their Applications
To determine the spuriousness or non-spuriousness of the relationship among independent and independent variables at bi variate level through (2) test statistics multi variate analysis were carried out.
The matrix variate gamma distribution has many applications in multivariate statistical analysis.
In Section 2, we develop a control variate method for European call option pricing under the CAM model.
The six-member bloc is seeking to enhance the flow of FDI to support the industrial sector, variate sources of income and reduce reliance on oil, which still constitutes 47 percent of their GDP, Al-Aqeel told the GCC's 15th industrialists' conference.
The self-efficacy variable set included the total score from the CDSE-SF and the total score from the CSES, which was part of the independent or covariate canonical variate.
Canonical variate analysis finds linear transformations of the data which maximize the among-group variation relative to the pooled within-group variation.
The 1st variate indicated that diffuse vocational identity status is associated with negative views of the past and lower orientation toward the future.
The focus of CCA method is on identifying and testing the significance of the relationship between each pair of linear combinations called canonical variate.