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Request for quotation: Varifocal ultra-wide no distortion five-megapixel c-mount lenses
Most people will have heard the term 'varifocal lenses', but fewer perhaps know how they actually work to support your multifocal needs.
I'M SO GLAD I WENT TO SPECSAVERS GRUMBLED about my expensive mistake in buying varifocal glasses.
WHEN I bought my new varifocal confuso-spectacles a few weeks ago, I received a free pair of varifocal confuso-sunglasses.
WHEN I bought my new varifocal confusospectacles a few weeks ago, I received a free pair of varifocal confuso-sunglasses.
You'll choose your contact lenses from the Exclusive Brands range at Vision Express, which includes disposable and monthly lenses in single and varifocal options.
New ComFit glasses, PS99 including Standard varifocal lenses* Go to comfit to find out more about what customers thought and to view the full range of glasses.
Enclosed in a IP66-rated water- and dust-resistant dome, the camera uses a 2.8-10mm 3.6x varifocal auto-iris lens.
The system is controlled using a Windows PC operating system that operates the SLM, galvano scanner, and varifocal lenses.
"It involves replacing the lens and putting an acrylic varifocal lens in its place - different bits of the new lens then focus at different distances.
The world's fastest varifocal device on the market, the TAG Lens 2.0 relies on sound to shape light, permitting scanning speeds that are more than 1,000 times faster than competing technologies.
E: The H.264 Varifocal (3.6-6mm) Mini Dome Series has a large objective lens element that improves edge resolution while enabling larger field-of-view (FOY) and user flexibility.