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 (və-rī′ə-ləs, vâr′ē-ō′-, văr′-)
Of, relating to, or affected with smallpox.


(Pathology) relating to or resembling smallpox; variolar
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Adj.1.variolous - relating to small pox


, variolous
a. variólico-a, rel. a la viruela.
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The thesis most commonly supported before this one is that the Variolous matter (smallpox) brought, according to Lieutenant Watkin Tench, in bottles by the surgeons was released either accidentally or with clear intentions.
Hence, Reynolds says they probably knew of the use of smallpox as an effective WMD and, though there is no evidence whatsoever apart from the presence of some variolous matter in the surgeon's medical kit, he suggests they possibly used this to infect the Aborigines deliberately.
We now know that the First Fleet's 'variolous matter' could not have retained infectivity during the passage to Australia.