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a. A liquid that contains a solvent and an oxidizing or evaporating binder and is applied to a surface to produce a hard, transparent finish after evaporation and curing.
b. The smooth coating or gloss resulting from the application of this liquid: Wear dulled the floor's varnish.
a. Something suggestive of or resembling varnish.
b. An often deceptive external appearance or outward show: "people through whom a native stupidity shines forth past any varnish of education or acculturation" (Ira Sher).
tr.v. var·nished, var·nish·ing, var·nish·es
1. To cover with varnish.
2. To give a smooth and glossy finish to.
3. To give a superficial or deceptive appearance to: varnish the truth.

[Middle English vernisshe, from Old French vernis, from Medieval Latin veronix, vernix, sandarac resin, from Medieval Greek verenikē, from Greek Berenikē, Berenice (Benghazi), an ancient city of Cyrenaica.]

var′nish·er n.
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Noun1.varnisher - someone who applies a finishing coat of varnishvarnisher - someone who applies a finishing coat of varnish
finisher - a painter who applies a finishing coat
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nLackierer(in) m(f)
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Poor Little Dorrit, with a rather forlorn glance at that eminent varnisher, promised to try.
'That, I would say,' observed the fair varnisher, 'Makes the greatest difference.
(22) To improve the quality of paintings by the Indian artists under his employ, the Company's surgeon-naturalist William Roxburgh procured a copy of Tingry's Painters & Varnisher's Guide, a book that Serfoji also consulted as soon as it was published.