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n. pl. var·si·ties
1. The principal team representing a university, college, or school in sports, games, or other competitions.
2. Chiefly British A university.

[Shortening and alteration of university.]


n, pl -ties
(Education) informal Brit and NZ and South African university, formerly used esp at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge


(ˈvɑr sɪ ti)

n., pl. -ties. n.
1. a first-string team, esp. in sports, representing a school, college, or university.
2. Chiefly Brit. university.
[1840–50; compare versity university]
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Noun1.varsity - a British abbreviation of `university'varsity - a British abbreviation of `university'; usually refers to Oxford University or Cambridge University
university - the body of faculty and students at a university
2.varsity - a team representing a college or universityvarsity - a team representing a college or university
team, squad - a cooperative unit (especially in sports)


A. N (Brit) → universidad f
B. CPD Varsity Match Npartido m entre las Universidades de Oxford y Cambridge


n (Brit Univ inf) → Uni f (inf); (US: also varsity team) → Schul-/Uniauswahl f
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Similarly, the provincial government also slashed funds for higher education institutions in the province, in part due to the larger number of varsities it now has to balance on its books.
He stressed the universities should pay special attention to prevention of environmental pollution and research, adding the government would fully assist and support the varsities in this regard.
PESHAWAR -- Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Excise, Taxation and Narcotics Department Thursday revealed that four varsities of the district were defaulting Rs35.70 million under the head of annual token tax of 186 vehicles.
Karachi -- The whole society has their eyes on varsities because the varsities play a vital role in societal development.
Meanwhile VC KIU attended the meeting of the HEC called to discuss the designs of the varsities being constructed across the country with the support of HEC and PSDP.
Having led prominent technological varsities in the country such as the National University of Computer and Engineering Sciences (NUST) and the University Institute of Information Technology (UIIT), Dr Qayyum said that they were working on the digital and automation policy for AIOU.
CHAKDARA -- University of Malakand (UoM) established in late nineties, is providing higher education in 26 disciplines manned with highly qualified faculty members that made it distinctive from other contemporary varsities of the province.
He said the HEC was looking into the issue of distance learning programmes and the varsities would be made to return the amount they had received from the students.
PESHAWAR, October 13, 2010 (Frontier Star): Higher Education Commission(HEC) has declared the Peshawar varsity as the best university of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa out of 14 varsities and appreciated its performance, while Engineering University held second and Malakand university third position.
LAHORE -- The Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) has introduced a comprehensive strategy to ensure that varsities across the province make it to the Times Higher Education (THE) list.
LAHORE -- Vice chancellors of six medical universities of the province on Wednesday demanded full-fledged financial and administrative autonomy, furnishing recommendations to the Punjab governor, also the chancellor, for introduction of a uniform act to run the varsities by making certain amendments to relevant rules.
Rehman Malik during his meeting with Lecturer Tahir Malik listen in detail his stance and termed such violence acts in varsities as detrimental to the noble cause of educational institutions and settled the issue amicably amongst Dr.