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Causing constriction or dilation of blood vessels.

va′so·ac·tiv′i·ty n.


(Physiology) activity that affects the diameter of blood vessels
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The chick chorioallantoic membrane imaging method as a platform to evaluate vasoactivity and assess irritancy of compounds.
Analysis of vasoactivity of local pH, PC[O.sub.2] and bicarbonate on pial vessels.
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The isometric vasoactivity was measured to evaluate the vasodilating properties of the extracts on isolated rat thoracic aortas.
This indicates that the vein itself has vasoactivity, and this phenomenon is associated with the pathomechanism of CRVO.
(20) Vasoactivity in response to C[O.sub.2] levels influences CBF and, in many bird species, hypercapnia increases CBF while hypocapnia causes no net change to CBF.
Vasoactivity of the ventral aorta of the American eel (Anguilla rostrata), Atlantic hagfish (Myxine glutinosa), and sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus).
Impaired flow-mediated vasoactivity during post-prandial phase in young healthy men.
This key pathophysiological event is predominant at the very onset and the released cellular contents prime the immediate phase of inflammation, which progresses to a complex interplay of varied proinflammatory mediators, cytokines, chemokines, chemokine receptors, and adhesion molecules that regulate vasoactivity and specific kinetics of cellular infiltration, ultimately evolving into a lymphocyte and granulocyte mediated hypersensitivity reaction, evident as urticarial wheals.
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The observed effects of PIO on modulation of blood pressure and functional properties of vessel vasoactivity (relaxation of thoracic aorta) could reflect also changes in circulating lipids.
In addition, they showed that, in rosacea, cathelicidin LL-37 levels are increased and that proteolytic fragments--associated with kallikrein-related peptidase--influence the skin barrier, vasoactivity, and inflammation.
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