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Samples were obtained pre vasopressin injection, post vasopressin injection at 5 minutes and 10 mins from both inferior petrosal sinuses and the peripheral blood.
(NASDAQ: EGRX) has submitted, and the US Food and Drug Administration has accepted for filing, its abbreviated new drug application (ANDA) for vasopressin injection, 1ml, the company said.
Medical management options include systemic or local injection of methotrexate, KCL, local vasopressin injection, local or systemic prostaglandin, systemic mifepristone, and intrauterine irrigation with 3.5% H2O2 [2].
Resectoscopic treatment of ectopic pregnancy in previous cesarean delivery scar defect with vasopressin injection. Fertil Steril 2011 Aug; 96(2):e80-e82.
You can visualize the reduced blood flow to the uterus following vasopressin injection because the uterus blanches and the diameter of the uterine vessels decreases significantly.