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 (vôd-vĭl′yən, vōd-, vô′də-)
One, especially a performer, who works in vaudeville.

vaude·vil′lian adj.




(Theatre) a person who writes for or performs in vaudeville
(Theatre) of, characteristic of, or relating to vaudeville
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Noun1.vaudevillian - a performer who works in vaudeville
performer, performing artist - an entertainer who performs a dramatic or musical work for an audience
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The awards are named after Gracie Allen, the late vaudevillian and comedian.
D-DAY began at lunchtime with D-List thespian Attorney General Geoffrey Cox playing to the gallery like an old Vaudevillian hack.
theatre The Canterville Ghost Oscar Wilde's gruesome comic ghost story is reimagined by a company of vaudevillian performers, featuring magical illusions, a ventriloquist and a psychic.
From the time she took control of the Comedy Store in 1974 (a parting gift from her ex-husband, founder and comic Sammy Shore, who gave her his ownership stake in the club as a way of mitigating his alimony payments), she put into practice booking and managerial techniques that seem obvious now but at the time were revolutionary: Holding comics to tight 15-minute sets; allowing comics to consist of an entire bill, rather than mixing them in with jugglers and acrobats and other vaudevillian novelty acts; thinking out a line-up so there would be a variety of voices heard in a single evening.
16-1 with the world premiere of Thomas Pasatieris American opera, The Vaudevillian.
The qualified, elliptical stance is telling; here is a vaudevillian poetry stylizing the banality of consumption as a mania of excess that, as Ji Yoon Lee asserts, overlays "a foundation of violence, death, and trauma, the emotional charge of which is not [yet] relieved." Kim Yideum's texts can be read as allegories, tiny epics, and morality tales; this is a samizdat scrutinizing a country where everything--maybe anything--is for sale; acting as if "a clerk at a resume service" and taking down a necessary dictation, Kim is compelled to record her "emptiness sutra [s]" that reveal, finally, an emergent posthuman condition.
Not only did John Osborne's portrait of clapped-out vaudevillian Archie Rice encapsulate the England of its time, a symbol of a diminished nation, it occasioned a momentous performance from Laurence Oliver.
"A talented vaudevillian who could always make everybody laugh, Kenny was truly the heart and soul of R2-D2 and will be missed by all his fans and everyone who knew him."
Then a trip to Greenwich Village and an appearance at Jefferson Market Court (now Jefferson Market Library) — — along with an overnight stay at Jefferson Jail — — changed her life, making the controversial vaudevillian an overnight sensation.
By Chloe Glover News Reporter theatre were US YouTube folk sensation Danielle Ate the Sandwich, vaudevillian act Kiki Lovechild and Yorkshire indie band Hope and Social, who created their first ever ukulele heavy set.
As he capitalizes on his talents as a vaudevillian in New York and dabbles in its seemingly lucrative payouts, it becomes apparent to Shanley that another world lurks under the one he lives in, one in which events like prohibition fuel crime and where it becomes increasingly easy to fall into a criminal lifestyle.
Horn traces this unlikely affinity for the 1970s-'80s-era hillbilly variety show to his grandfather, a retired vaudevillian. Now Horn is the bookwriter of Moonshine: That Hee Haw Musical, debuting at Dallas Theater Center Sept.