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also vav·a·sour  (văv′ə-sôr′, -so͝or′)
A feudal tenant who ranked directly below a baron or peer.

[Middle English vavasour, from Old French, from Medieval Latin vavassor, possibly contraction of vassus vassōrum, vassal of vassals : vassus, vassal (from Vulgar Latin *vassus; see vassal) + vassōrum, genitive pl. of vassus, vassal.]
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1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (in feudal society) the noble or knightly vassal of a baron or great lord who also has vassals himself
2. (Historical Terms) (in feudal society) the noble or knightly vassal of a baron or great lord who also has vassals himself
[C13: from Old French vavasour, perhaps contraction of Medieval Latin vassus vassōrum vassal of vassals; see vassal]
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(ˈvæv əˌsɔr, -ˌsoʊr)

a feudal vassal ranking just below a baron.
[1300–50; Middle English vavasour < Old French, perhaps contraction of Medieval Latin vassusvassōrum vassal of vassals; see vassal]
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for Nicholas Vavasour. The "long s" has been silently modernized throughout.
(34) The herald then fills in an elision in the York version, noting that the welcome was given by John Vavasour, the second city recorder in a year who had been elected to the office by the city in lieu of candidates backed by Henry.
(6) The publisher and bookseller, Nicholas Vavasour, writes an address to the reader in which he views publication of drama as an
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On 25 July 1643, Lady Brilliana Harley's family home, Brampton Bryan, was surrounded by some seven hundred horse and foot soldiers commanded by Sir William Vavasour, the newly appointed baronet and governor of Hereford.
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