veal roast

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Noun1.veal roast - cut of veal suitable for roastingveal roast - cut of veal suitable for roasting  
roast, joint - a piece of meat roasted or for roasting and of a size for slicing into more than one portion
breast of veal - usually stuffed and roasted
fricandeau - larded veal braised and glazed in its own juices
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Since it's unlikely that I'll find cloudberries to make jam with in Cairo, I decided to make hasselback potatoes, the baked potato of Sweden, crispy on the outside and fork-tender in the center, served aside a veal roast, as I think back to the short-term friend I had, who moved away before sealing friendships for life, who taught us about the grown-up world of food and men.
The restaurant will be offering customers five different menu choices: grilled vegetables ravioli in a vodka sauce; veal roast in a marsala sauce with hots and sun-dried tomatoes over fettuccini; twin filet served with twice-baked potato or sweet potato fries and broccoli; wild salmon salad; and grilled swordfish served with twice-baked potato or sweet potato fries and broccoli.
Herbed Veal Roast with Exotic Mushrooms and Cheesy Portabella Mushroom Sandwich are only a few of the dishes which are unusual and appealing.
A barbecued veal roast is included in the Juneteenth menu.
Although a second course of roast lamb or baby goat was traditional at Easter celebrations in Italy, Anna switched to serving veal roast for many years to accommodate her husband's palate.