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1. The meat of a calf.
2. also veal·er (vē′lər) A calf raised to be slaughtered for food.

[Middle English veel, from Old French, from Latin vitellus, diminutive of vitulus, calf; see wet- in Indo-European roots.]
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1. (Animals) US and Canadian and Austral another name for veal2
2. (Animals) NZ a young bovine animal of up to 14 months old grown for veal
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The resulting diversity of breeds and animal types (cows, bulls, steers, heifers, vealers) and farming systems (intensive, extensive on permanent or temporary pastures, mixed, breeders, breeder-feeders, feeders, milk-fed, specialized or not, combined with others products) used for beef production is a strength, but also a weakness as the industry is often fragmented and poorly connected.
Prices for slaughter vealers and slaughter turkeys turned down after advancing in 2015.
To give you some idea of how way leads on to way, The Designated Heir evolved from a poem, "The Vealers," which I was driven to write after visiting a farm where veal calves are raised for eight weeks until they go to slaughter.