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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Glowna okolicznoscia wywolujaca chorobe lokomocyjna jest ruch, czyli wystawienie organizmu na rzeczywiste bodzce, natomiast w chorobie symulatorowej mamy do czynienia z iluzja ruchu (vection).
Vection or otherwise illusions of self-motion and sickness can be caused by watching changing moving scenes in VE [104].
Body sway during vsually induced roll vection. Exp Brain Res 143:269-275
The depiction of him as a "moderate" is akin to that eerie sensation you get when a train passes you while your train isn't moving--scientists call it "vection." The long-timers aren't really moving left; they're being left behind as their party moves right.
Visually induced self-motion (vection) affects the speed at which actions are performed.
Indeed, with full-field immersive stimulus motion, there is a powerful illusion of self-motion (vection) and the stimulus is perceived as stationary.
Helicopter pilots are those most at risk for seduction by the "Vection Illusion." With vection, reduced visibility keeps a pilot focused on local motion cues and obscures the bigger picture of impending danger.
This heated air is then immediately replaced with cooler air either through natural con- vection or through air currents.
The expression of power in the different fiber sections may be easily deduced by implementing the field components (as obtained in Section 2) and the Poynting vection [32].
The illusion is called vection, where the movement of something else, even an image, makes you feel like you are moving.
(2003) investigated 13 volunteers with a history of motion sickness who underwent circular vection. Pretreatment with ginger (1000 and 2000 mg) significantly reduced nausea, tachygastria and plasma vasopressin.
This phenomenon is often referred to as vection (Sauvan & Bonnet, 1995; Telford & Frost, 1993) and constitutes one of three more narrowly defined topics within visually induced self-motion.