vector decomposition

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Noun1.vector decomposition - the analysis of a vector field
vector algebra - the part of algebra that deals with the theory of vectors and vector spaces
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To analyse the data from 24 transition economies for the years 1999, 2002 and 2005, we employ a conventional fixed effects approach as well as a recent innovation in fixed effect panel analysis, known as fixed effect vector decomposition (FEVD), which hitherto has not been used in this context.
Space voltage vector decomposition into directions of sector base vectors Ux, Ux [+ or -] 60.
The whole control operates on the principle of stator current space vector decomposition into two perpendicular elements [i.sub.Sx] and [i.sub.Sy] which can be analyzed in the field coordinate system [x, y] with rotor flux space vector orientation to the x axis (Fig.