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Noun1.vegetable patch - a small garden where vegetables are grownvegetable patch - a small garden where vegetables are grown
garden - a plot of ground where plants are cultivated
victory garden - a kitchen garden planted during wartime to relieve food shortages
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All the vegetable patches had been rooted up by the famished hordes.
There's a huge variety of trees, fruit trees, bushes, shrubs and flowers, plus a vegetable patch and summer house.
Vegetable Patch Whether you have a dedicated vegetable patch or devote a corner in your green house or a few inches on kitchen window ledge, vegetable plants can be grown from seed or from plug plants.
QHOW do I organise a vegetable patch? Mary AMAKE the best use of the space you've got by sowing in sections.
The splendid fairy wrens are regular visitors to the Walkers' property and love hanging around the vegetable patch and nesting in a nearby sage bush.
The landscaped gardens you can take a walk on the side through established trees, but also keep your hands busy the vegetable patch.
There is also a single garage, front driveway parking for multiple cars, stonehaven a stone shed and back garden which is mainly to lawn with hedged borders, a vegetable patch, greenhouse and a large decked seating area.
PS29.99, MY VEGETABLE PATCH KIT Get your little gardener growing with this kit, which includes three pots, a tray, compost and carrot, radish and lettuce seeds.
| YOU can help your soil to heat up a little in the vegetable patch by using cloches.
Incredibly delicate, expressive water color illustrations bring the exuberant Mouse family to life in their vegetable patch home.
Dig in goodness Turn over your vegetable patch, ready for planting, and dig in some rotted manure.
Vegetable patch "I have always been interested in growing vegetables, especially potatoes.