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There have been evil disposed vegetables that have seen fit to reproach us with this sale as a stigma on our family history, but I have ever considered it myself as a circumstance of which one has no more reason to be ashamed than a D'Uzes has to blush for the robberies of a baron of the middle ages.
And there are plenty of vegetables left in the garden.
When she felt the vegetables she became very very angry.
The sausage had only to watch the pot to see that the food was properly cooked, and when it was near dinner-time, he just threw himself into the broth, or rolled in and out among the vegetables three or four times, and there they were, buttered, and salted, and ready to be served.
"Where's the money come in from flowers that take up the ground that good vegetables might be growin' on?"
The remainder of the garden presented a well-selected assortment of esculent vegetables, in a praiseworthy state of advancement.
It travelled for a time in the sky, and then it sank down and hovered over a large vegetable garden surrounded by walls, so that he came safely to the ground amidst cabbages and vegetables.
All he had to shower was vegetables, and he showered them in a way that would have caused the goddess Ceres to be talked about.
Fresh vegetables would be welcome on board the Nautilus."
On the morning after her arrival, the ship was surrounded by canoes and pirogues, filled with the islanders of both sexes, bringing off supplies of fruits and vegetables, bananas, plantains, watermelons, yams, cabbages and taro.
This is no place to keep vegetables. How did your potatoes get frozen?'
"Why, he's vegetable!" cried the Wizard, astonished.