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1. The plants of an area or a region; plant life: hills sparsely covered with vegetation.
2. The act or process of vegetating.
3. Medicine An abnormal growth on a body part.

veg′e·ta′tion·al adj.
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Adj.1.vegetational - composed of vegetation or plantsvegetational - composed of vegetation or plants; "regions rich in vegetal products"; "vegetational cover"; "the decaying vegetative layer covering a forest floor"
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But vegetationally visible are the beech-bordered upper and lower dams, built to provide water for the nearby Glenfield dyeworks, which Willie later bought.
Vegetationally, Jalingo is located within the northern guinea savanna zone characterized by grasses interspersed with tall trees and shrubs.
Testing of Carbaryl Flea Powder--Use of carbaryl flea powder as a repellent barrier to live traps was examined on trapping grids in four abandoned hatchery ponds that were selected because they were vegetationally distinct from one another, allowing for variability in number of of fire ants.
vegetationally similar to the XLPs in eastern United States (Hulett