vegetative state

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veg·e·ta·tive state

n. estado vegetativo, condición en la cual una persona pierde funciones neurológicas cognitivas y cae en ciclos de inanición y lapsos de sueño.
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This collection of essays and studies interrogates ethical and legal issues surrounding vegetative states made possibly by modern medical technology.
"Because I was in a position that I could have been left without the ability to speak, without the ability to see - capable of life but in a vegetative state without the ability to move, certainly on the right side, probably all sides, and clearly with the brain compromised."
The term "persistent vegetative state" has been coined to indicate the condition of those patients whose "vegetative state" continues for more than a year.
The case represents what is thought to be the first time that a judge has been asked to rule on whether life-supporting treatment should be withdrawn from a person who is not in a persistent vegetative state but is minimally conscious.
Patients treated with amantadine tended to have more rapid recovery, compared with those treated with placebo, regardless of whether they were diagnosed in a vegetative state or a minimally conscious state at enrollment.
Twenty-three of the study patients were diagnosed as being in a vegetative state and 31 were in a minimally conscious state.
Royal Bank of Canada considers that many other banks across the European Union are also in a "vegetative state" as financing from the ECB remains crucial to prevent their failures.
The case came to light after Mr Laureys published a study in the journal BMC Neurology this year showing that about four out of ten patients with consciousness disorders are wrongly diagnosed as being a vegetative state.
A private facility in the north-eastern town of Udine accepted Englaro, after the government ruled last month that state hospitals must guarantee care for people in vegetative states.
"Patients in a persistent vegetative state, while making up a very small percent of all patients, pose some of the most challenging and heart-wrenching situations for families and caregivers," she added.
Ms Forrester said: "She is in a vegetative state - she's in bed 24 hours a day.
Since falling into a vegetative state, she has been awake for a total of 12 days.