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Noun1.vehicular traffic - the aggregation of vehicles coming and going in a particular localityvehicular traffic - the aggregation of vehicles coming and going in a particular locality
traffic - the aggregation of things (pedestrians or vehicles) coming and going in a particular locality during a specified period of time
automobile traffic, car traffic - cars coming and going
bicycle traffic - bicycles coming and going
bus traffic - buses coming and going
truck traffic - trucks coming and going
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He had turned Persian poetry into English prose, and English prose into Greek iambics; he was an authority upon coins; and--one other thing--oh yes, she thought it was vehicular traffic.
Supporting transportation in its many forms in a rational and effective way by providing new locations for expanded ferry traffic and coordinating pedestrian traffic, vehicular traffic and parking facilities.
Only a year ago, Mayor Richard Riordan's airport commission was promoting a plan to cram yet more air traffic into Los Angeles International Airport, and more vehicular traffic onto the 405 Freeway.
The main road on the dam crest will be closed to vehicular traffic late Sunday afternoon.
A spokesman of the city traffic police said here on Sunday that 498 traffic wardens and 69 traffic inspectors have been deputed to ensure smooth flow of vehicular traffic whereas three traffic officers of Deputy Police Officer rank would supervise the implementation on traffic plan.
16 - coalition aci-jonica - project aci livable a system for monitoring and control of pollution from vehicular traffic and mobility.
2 earthquake that hit Bohol last October 15 are still closed to vehicular traffic while undergoing emergency rehabilitation, according to the Department of Public Works and Highways.
Additional signage immediately above the corner is also available and, given the fact that the space is on a downtown corner for vehicular traffic, significant additional exposure and advertising value is attributable to the space.
Development and changes near the intersection transformed the area from rural to urban and ``increased the potential for serious accidents and injuries unless modifications were made to the vehicular traffic patterns which were anticipated and existed before the changes occurred,'' the lawsuit said.
LED Pedestrian and Vehicular Traffic Signal Upgrade -- This was a systems operations project by the San Francisco Department of Parking and Traffic, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, and the San Francisco Office of Contract Administration.
All the roads leading to the areas where the entry tests will be conducted will be blocked for all kinds of vehicular traffic.
The protestors burnt tyres to block vehicular traffic.

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