veiled accusation

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Noun1.veiled accusation - an accusation that is understood without needing to be spoken
implication - an accusation that brings into intimate and usually incriminating connection
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Yadav also made a veiled accusation against the BJP-led Centre of hoarding the currency notes.
The veiled accusation here is that the beneficiaries of slow internet are illegal providers, who serve an estimated 50 percent of the market.
Seoul used less bombast in its condemnation but still levied a thinly veiled accusation at Abe for "digging up wounds of the past."
While welcoming the breakthrough of 14 May, Semeta noted that "we cannot and must not make our progress within the EU dependent on our progress with third countries," a veiled accusation that Luxembourg and Austria were blackmailing their partners.
The interior ministry in November said security forces had come under fire from gunmen operating on "foreign orders," in a veiled accusation against Shia-majority Iran.
The interior ministry said security forces had come under fire from gunmen operating on "foreign orders," in a veiled accusation against Shiite Iran.
The MPs rejected what they called Mikati's "veiled accusation" that the opposition was to blame for the Tripoli clashes.
The first act is a long, not particularly interesting minuet of veiled accusation and avoidance, as Toby clings to ignorance well past the point of audience exasperation.
This has led to a position much like stalemate in scholarship, where the Messalianism of the Macarian Homilies has either been embraced as a veiled accusation against Orthodox spirituality (the other main source of which, Evagrianism, is equally suspect) or evaded by what often looks like special pleading.
This is a veiled accusation and I will not accept this.
Dev accused Illy of humiliating him and made a thinly veiled accusation of racism, a charge he later withdrew.
There were key exceptions: MP Michel Aoun, leader of the opposition Reform and Change bloc, insinuated that the governement of Premier Fouad Siniora bore responsibility for the killing; and former President Amin Gemayel, whose Phalange Party is part of the majority, made a thinly veiled accusation against the opposition.