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A small or secondary vein, as on the wing of an insect.
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(Anatomy) any small vein or venule
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(ˈveɪn lɪt)

a small vein.
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The ore structures include disseminated (Figures 5(a) and 5(b)), massive (Figure 5(c)), stockwork (Figure 5(d)), veinlet (Figure 5(e)), and speckled (Figure 5(f)).
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTION: ante; anti; atilt; eaten; elate; elite; entail; entitle; event; inlet; ital; late; lateen; latent; latte; latten; leant; leat; leet; lent; levant; levitate; lint; lite; native; neat; nett; nettle; tael; tail; taint; tale; talent; teal; teat; teen; tein; telnet; tenet; tent; tian; tile; tilt; tine; tinea; tint; titan; title; valet; veinlet; veleta; vent; ventil; VENTILATE; vital; vitta; vittle.
B--Ultra-basic rocks heterology due to hydrothermal solutions in vein or veinlet forms: In this process the ultra-basic rocks, especially Peridotites are transformed into Serpentine due to Serpentinisation and relatively pure Magnesite and Hontite deposit is formed inside the fractures as a result.
This species also reveals great intraspecific variation in the branching of longitudinal veinlet between subapical line and apical margin, even in both wings of the same individual.
Figure 4: A 3 cm-wide high-grade gold vein from Porgera (left) and a 1.5 mm-wide high-grade gold veinlet from Navilawa (right).
At one point near the western edge of the wulfenite vein's footwall they came upon a 10-cm veinlet of opaque, massive cream-colored cerussite with galena remnants in its central portions.