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adj. vein·i·er, vein·i·est
Full of or exhibiting veins; veined.
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(ˈveɪ ni)

adj. vein•i•er, vein•i•est.
full of veins.
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2 movies at the box office at the same time: as Thanos, a veiny purple attractive-to-some population control activist in Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War (so-named for its running time), the featured villain of that movie, which stars every other living male actor; he's Cable, the vengeance-seeking dadbot from the future in Deadpool 2 .
Anyway, with civilisation in tatters and cranks trying to kill the living (considering there's three infected people to every one healthy human in their world, it's surprising how little air time these veiny fiends get) the long suffering heroes must break into the WCKD controlled urban labyrinth, save their friends and find answers which they've been halfheartedly searching for since they first arrived in the maze.
Having a killer physique and pursuing physical perfection with meaty muscles is on almost every young man's bucket list, but sometimes challenges may block you from achieving that body, especially if you are a body builder or an athlete preparing for a competition; as specific (and sometimes expensive) regimens are required for pumping those veiny biceps.
The sheriff pushed his reading glasses to the top of his head with a long, veiny, white finger and eyed me suspiciously.
I saw a lot of pale veiny legs that day, swinging out from under the sheets, because like me, it just took only a few notes to inspire some toe-tapping.
The painting, among the largest of the grouping, features a doe-eyed siren whose profile and breasts, marred by veiny squiggles, are framed by a sheath of black hair.
Then I think about my deep voice, my veiny hands, my high forehead, and I am caught in the middle of conflict.
The surface kiss of warm sun courts the throbbing life within as skin tones brushed with golden pinks yield to veiny blues and greens.
Fragmented images in bizarre and inappropriate birth mother dreams containing breastplates, mother's floors, veiny body parts interweaved with plate dreams: a buried plate, roots on a plate, X-ray plates, plates on the ground.
The police found him bloated and veiny, swim trunks binding his ankles, next to a trash can on Nova Icaria.
Sadly, Penn's veiny, sweat-glazed biceps are the most objectively impressive feature of this rote, humorless thriller, a distinctly unconvincing attempt to refashion the star--who also co-wrote and produced --as a middle-aged action hero in the Liam Neeson mold.