velar consonant

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Noun1.velar consonant - a consonant produced with the back of the tongue touching or near the soft palate
consonant - a speech sound that is not a vowel
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Figure 2 displays acoustic vowel space values ([Hz.sup.2]) calculated from Ft and F2 formant frequencies of the vowels /i/, /u/, and /a/ produced in labial, alveolar, and velar consonant contexts during OFF-stimulation and ON-stimulation.
The author states that there is a suppression of the oral gestures in the production of the labial consonants, which leaves just the glottal stop, which is then later perceived by the listener to be velar consonant who in turn pronounces it as such.
Alternate between dental and velar consonants. Substantial movement of the tongue base can also be accomplished by alternating between prepalatal [[??]] and bright [a].