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 (vē′lō-sĭm′ĭ-tər, vĕl′ō-)
A device for measuring the speed of sound in water.

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(General Physics) a device that measures the speed of sound in liquids
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(ˌvi loʊˈsɪm ə tər, ˌvɛl oʊ-)

any of various instruments for measuring velocity, as of a wave in water or of sound in air.
[1842; veloci (ty) + -meter]
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a device for measuring speed or velocity, especially that of projectiles.
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A laser Doppler velocimeter LDA 10, produced by Dantec Dynamics and a hot wire anemometer, LFA100 produced by TSI are utilized to measure the air temperature and air velocity, respectively.
A subsequent device was the Benton Thread Velocimeter, which attempted to improve the accuracy of the chronograph by having the bullet cut a string to start the timing sequence.
With regard to moving away from the management failures of state/common property, it would seem that the velocimeter for California groundwater reform is still set on 'glacial.' The new law allows groundwater sustainability agencies to consider adjudication, to allow transfers of 'allocations', and even to allow carryovers of unused allocations (all good!), but there are no compulsions or expectations for agencies to uniformly evolve in these directions.
Similar to this, particle tracking velocimetry (PTV), laser Doppler velocimeter (LDV), and phase Doppler particle analyzer (PDPA) can also measure the particle size of the fuel spray.
Each station with a SARA 24bit A/D converter (SL06) coupled with a SS45 tri-axial velocimeter sensor with a natural frequency of 4.5 Hz and transduction factor of 78 V/m/s.
The piezo stack and the steel bar were held in such a way as to reduce interference caused by the laser beam of the velocimeter. The contact of the probe tip to the BM was also verified by measuring the vibration of the bead that is closest to the probe on the BM.
Sajben, "Laser Doppler velocimeter measurements in unsteady, separated, transonic diffuser flows," AIAA Journal, vol.
Speed of the flyer is measured by a laser velocimeter.
Displacement amplitudes were measured by a Laser-Doppler Velocimeter (LDV) with a micromanipulator (OFV-5000, HLV-MM30, Polytec, Germany) mounted on a surgical microscope (OPMI-1, Zeiss, Germany).
Instantaneous velocity measurements were taken by a 3D macro acoustic Doppler velocimeter (ADV) (SonTek, San Diego, CA, USA) at a sampling frequency of 20 Hz at various positions (Positions 1 to 5) along the vertical direction with a 30 s sampling time.