vena cava

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vena ca·va

n. pl. venae ca·vae (kā′vē)
Either of two large veins that drain blood from the upper body and from the lower body and empty into the right atrium of the heart.

[New Latin vēna cava : Latin vēna, vein + Latin cava, hollow.]

vena ca′val (-vəl) adj.
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vena cava

n, pl venae cavae (ˈkeɪviː)
(Anatomy) either one of the two large veins that convey oxygen-depleted blood to the heart
[Latin: hollow vein]
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ve•na ca•va

(ˈvi nə ˈkeɪ və)

n., pl. ve•nae ca•vae (ˈvi ni ˈkeɪ vi)
either of two large veins discharging blood into the right atrium of the heart.
[1590–1600; < Latin vēna cava hollow vein]
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ve·na ca·va

(vē′nə kā′və)
Either of two large veins that carry blood with low levels of oxygen to the right atrium of the heart. The lower one, called the inferior vena cava, is the largest vein in the body.
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Noun1.vena cava - either of two large veins that return oxygen-depleted blood to the right atrium of the heart
vein, vena, venous blood vessel - a blood vessel that carries blood from the capillaries toward the heart; "all veins except the pulmonary vein carry unaerated blood"
inferior vena cava, postcava - receives blood from lower limbs and abdominal organs and empties into the posterior part of the right atrium of the heart; formed from the union of the two iliac veins
precava, superior vena cava - receives blood from the head and arms and chest and empties into the right atrium of the heart; formed from the azygos and both brachiocephalic veins
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vena cava

, inferior (IVC), superior
n. vena cava, una de las dos venas mayores, la vena cava inferior y la vena cava superior, que devuelven la sangre desoxigenada a la aurícula derecha del corazón.
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vena cava

n vena cava; inferior — — vena cava inferior; superior — — vena cava superior
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* Market size for Peripheral Vascular Devices market segments - Aortic Stent Grafts, Arteriotomy Closure Devices, Deep Seated Artery Stents, Inferior Vena Cava Filters (IVCF), Peripheral Embolic Protection Devices, Peripheral Guidewires, Peripheral Vascular Stents, PTA Balloons, PTA Peripheral Drug Eluting Balloons (DEB), Renal Denervation Catheters, Tip Location Devices and Vascular Grafts.
Target: The OptionELITE Retrievable Vena Cava Filter, CLEANER Rotational Thrombectomy System, and UltraStream Chronic Hemodialysis Catheter
congential anomalies, revealed the portal vein to be terminating in the inferior vena cava. (1) The eponym referring to congenital extrahepatic portosystemic shunts was suggested by Howard and Davenport in 1997 in recognition of Abernethy.
The autopsy ruled that the cause of al-khaldis death was due to the intensive internal bleeding that resulted from the tearing of the liver and the inferior vena cava of the abdomen.
Venous Doppler echography showed thrombosed left common femoral vein, thrombosed external and internal iliac veins with hypoechoic thrombus, inferior vena cava identified only at the origin, with reduced caliber, permeable right venous axis.
Participants were randomly assigned to either have a vena cava filter placed within the first 72 hours of admission or not.
The most medial among the five was larger than other veins (3 mm in diameter) and it continued as lower right testicular vein and opened into the right edge of the inferior vena cava, 1 cm above the union of the common iliac veins (Figs.
Before replacing a new permanent catheter, a venography for upper extremities and superior vena cava was performed by interventional radiology and no flow of contrast agent was observed in superior vena cava vein, suggesting an obstruction in vena cava superior vein and right and left juguler vein's blood flows were through azygos and hemiazygos veins respectively.
Thirty-one out of the 32 patients had a normal right superior vena cava. Twenty-two cases were referred due to other cardiac and extracardiac defects, and PLSVC was detected during echocardiography.