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Variant of vendible.
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Adj.1.vendable - fit to be offered for salevendable - fit to be offered for sale; "marketable produce"
salable, saleable - capable of being sold; fit for sale; "saleable at a low price"
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La aussi Douadi explique que le grand format, malgre qu'il ne soit pas tres [beaucoup moins que] vendable [beaucoup plus grand que], donne plus de liberte et un espace d'expression plus important ou il est plus aise de jouer sur une palette plus large de couleur et aussi de formes.
at 280 ("It is well settled that a person cannot obtain the monopoly incident to a trade-mark by the mere form of a vendable commodity that may be adopted.
Veritable vache a lait sociale, pour les syndicats comme pour les deputes qui demandent des prix speciaux, Tunisair sera difficilement vendable.
By rerouting a form of media that had once depended upon the public circulation of her body--the marketing in print of a well-known courtesan--she transformed herself from an object, a vendable figure of social exchange, into an agent of her own commodification.