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One to whom something is sold; a buyer.


(Law) chiefly law a person to whom something, esp real property, is sold; buyer


(French vɑ̃de)
(Placename) a department of W France, in Pays-de-la-Loire region: scene of the Wars of the Vendée, a series of peasant-royalist insurrections (1793–95) against the Revolutionary government. Capital: La Roche-sur-Yon. Pop: 565 230 (2003 est). Area: 7016 sq km (2709 sq miles)



n. Chiefly Law.
the person to whom a thing is sold.



a region in W France, on the Atlantic: royalist revolt 1793–95.
Ven•de•an (vɛnˈdi ən, vɑ̃ˈdeɪ-) n., adj.
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Noun1.Vendée - a person who buysvendee - a person who buys      
customer, client - someone who pays for goods or services
customer agent - a foreign purchaser who buys goods outright for resale
home buyer - someone buying a house
orderer - someone who places an order to buy


[vɛnˈdiː] Ncomprador(a) m/f


n (esp Jur) → Käufer(in) m(f)
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He of Bourges had emigrated; he of Touraine hid himself; he of Alencon fought in La Vendee and "chouanized" somewhat.
"Well then; he was mixed up in the affairs of La Vendee, and he was one of the confidants of the late King.
To the thinker, the most tragic fact in the whole of the French Revolution is not that Marie Antoinette was killed for being a queen, but that the starved peasant of the Vendee voluntarily went out to die for the hideous cause of feudalism.
The above inquiry team submitted a final report recommending registration of a case against Abdul Majeed, Assistant Director Land Record (ADLR), Rana Naumaan, SCI, Liaquat Ali, SCO, Aamir Ali Bhatti, SCO, Mubashir Ali, SCO, Sohail Sarfraz son of Sarfraz Khan, Vendor, Malik Tassawar Hussain, Rep of vendees, Amjad Mahmood son of Haji Abdul Hameed, Vendee, Mohammad Shahid Farooq son of Mohammad Aslam, Vendee, Rasool Gull son of Iqbal, Vendee, Shahzeb son of S.A.
Starting on May 29th, 2016 from Downtown New York, this single-handed sprint across the Atlantic to Les Sables D'Olonne, France, promises to be an exciting warm-up and qualifier for the 2016 Vendee Globe.
VENDEE VISIT the Vendee over the spring Bank Holiday.
Hugo Boss were later disqualified but 33-year-old Thomson - who will be competing in November's Vendee Globe race - insists he still enjoyed the experience of showing Hamilton the ropes.
A visit to the Vendee in France brings back many happy childhood memories for Steve Jones
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-31 March 2006-Polimoon ASA concludes acquisition of Vendee Plastique(C)1994-2006 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
Unlike peasant mobs organized in Paris by the revolutionary government, these humble residents of France's Vendee "department" -- a coastal region roughly the size of West Virginia -- were not motivated by hate or class envy.