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1. A feeling of profound respect or reverence: an object held in veneration. See Synonyms at honor.
2. The act of venerating: displayed their veneration of the saint with a procession.

ven′er·a′tion·al adj.
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Feeling or showing reverence:
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Nara are usually performed in the proximity of Muslim shrines and are considered to be venerational acts (Saniotis 2001: 362).
Though in one archive interview Visconti says he wishes to be remembered as simply "a good artisan, a good worker," Low's thesis is more venerational. "The grandeur of his style never obscures the humanity of his subjects," says narrator James Fox.
As Schwartz has written, people "cannot participate in venerational [sic] ceremonies unless they see a reason for doing so." (27) The association asked the people to repeat their prior ritual without considering motivation or context.