venereal infection

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Noun1.venereal infection - a communicable infection transmitted by sexual intercourse or genital contact
contagion, contagious disease - any disease easily transmitted by contact
herpes genitalis - an infection caused by herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2) that is usually transmitted by sexual contact; marked by recurrent attacks of painful eruptions on the skin and mucous membranes of the genital area
gonorrhea, gonorrhoea, clap - a common venereal disease caused by the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeae; symptoms are painful urination and pain around the urethra
granuloma inguinale, granuloma venereum - a venereal disease caused by a bacterium of the genus Calymmatobacterium; characterized by a pimply rash of the skin in the genital and groin region
lues, lues venerea, pox, syph, syphilis - a common venereal disease caused by the treponema pallidum spirochete; symptoms change through progressive stages; can be congenital (transmitted through the placenta)
LGV, lymphogranuloma venereum, lymphopathia venereum - infectious disease caused by a species of chlamydia bacterium; transmitted by sexual contact; characterized by genital lesions and swelling of lymph nodes in the groin
chlamydia - a sexually transmitted infection caused by bacteria of the genus Chlamydia
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Statistical surveys from 1911 claimed that syphilis accounted for 10 percent of all registered diseases across the Russian Empire, and that almost half of men in the Russian military had a venereal infection. (26) Cures for various venereal diseases peppered the pages of the popular press in the early 1900s.
Factors influencing venereal infection in a war environment.
Chapter 2, "English Prototypes and the 'foul disease'" shows how early modern English writers transform the meretrix of the classical comedies into a symbol of civic malaise, one spectacularly afflicted with the social and spiritual effects of "venereal infection" (21).
Nonetheless, the surviving records offer some insight into patterns of venereal infection in twentieth-century Ireland.
Syphilitic Arthritis is a disease often found in sufferers of this "unique" venereal infection.
(58) Thus, although common sense could often point to philandering husbands' culpability for venereal infection, Castilian civic culture focused on wives' foibles and sexual sins and could only have complicated matters for women entering the Hospital de Santiago and thus airing their sexual lives for public fodder.
It can be spread by venereal infection of mares by stallions during mating and directly from coughing and snorting from the respiratory tract.
EVA is caused by the equine arteritis virus (EAV) and can be spread by venereal infection of mares by stallions during mating and directly from coughing and snorting from the respiratory tract.
He became ill with the paralytic symptoms of venereal infection. The disease progressed to fits of madness for which he was confined to an asylum.
The life-world interview encourages the interviewees to reflect on their venereal infection and its consequences for their life situation.
Butler led a campaign for the repeal of the Contagious Diseases Act, which stipulated that any woman living in a seaport or military town could be examined, without consent, for venereal infection.
Bloated by Addison's disease, which would certainly have killed him, and unable to shake off the effects of early untreated venereal infection, Kennedy's back-brace for his crippling spinal condition was also what prevented him from ducking when the bullets flew.