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1. Desiring vengeance; vindictive: epidemics seen as acts of a vengeful God.
2. Characterized by or stemming from a desire for revenge: a vengeful attack by a spurned lover; vengeful anger.
3. Serving to exact vengeance: a vengeful sword.

venge′ful·ly adv.
venge′ful·ness n.
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Adv.1.vengefully - in a vindictive, revengeful mannervengefully - in a vindictive, revengeful manner; "he plotted vindictively against his former superiors"
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He was turning into his room again, still growling vengefully, when his eyes met those of the watchful Richard.
The sailor's hand crept slyly to the butt of one of his revolvers; his wicked eyes glared vengefully at the retreating form of the young Englishman.
However, he has an opportunity to remedy this historic wrong if he could take the USA onto a path where it does not act irrationally or vengefully, but for the good of the entire world rather than that of the USA alone.
Following Taken, Neeson appeared in film after film as a put-upon dad or aging veteran destroying henchmen and vengefully murdering the wicked.
As a member of the Middle Temple, the poet John Davies had apparently been mocked so relentlessly throughout the revels that he vengefully struck Richard Martyn, who had been the Lord of Misrule, with a stick "till it broke." He escaped by running to a boat but was ultimately expelled.
On the financial and budget fronts, 2019 will be vengefully populist.
Ms Wilding continued: "The prosecution say that she stabbed him in a rage and in anger, vengefully, intending at the very least to cause him serious harm and that she is therefore guilty of murdering him."
Just as hypertension and diabetes will return if medications are tapered or stopped, so will psychosis, and vengefully so because treatment resistance increases with each relapse.
The US anti-China rhetoric will probably be ratch- eted up regardless, especially as Trump has his eyes almost vengefully set on China, which he accuses of cheating America on trade.
The US anti-China rhetoric will probably be ratcheted up regardless, especially as Trump has his eyes almost vengefully set on China, which he accuses of cheating America on trade.
We see little of the arrogant Ulysses and hear less of his epic adventures, instead meeting him ten years after the fall of Troy when our hero finally makes it home, but only because Neptune (bass Stephen Hegedus), vengefully shipwrecks him on the coast of Ithaca.
It seriously described Obama, of all people, as being consumed by racial revenge, plus bored by the presidency--a vengefully arrogant type determined to put down whitey and take whitey's money.